Understanding Endemic Species

In this blog post, we will explore the importance of endemic species in the context of biodiversity and ecosystem services, with a particular focus on the challenges faced by the Brazilian Amazon forest. Biodiversity, the intricate web of life on Earth, relies on the presence of endemic species. These unique organisms play a significant role […]

Sustainable Carbon: Building a Legacy Beyond Carbon Credits

Sustainable Carbon for a Sustainable Future

Sustainable Carbon goes beyond simply generating and selling carbon credits; we’re building a new legacy for the ceramic industry. For us, sustainability is the path to a future where the environment, the economy, and the communities thrive together. Our Impact: More Than Just Carbon Reduction Since 2008, our fuel-switching projects have had a ripple effect, […]

What are High-Quality Carbon Offsets?

High-Quality Carbon Offset

As environmental awareness among consumers continues to grow, many are seeking impactful ways to reduce their carbon footprint. One option gaining traction is purchasing credits from carbon offsets. However, discerning between legitimate, high-quality carbon offsets and others can be challenging.  In this article, we’ll delve into the essence of carbon offsets, explore various certification standards, […]

2 milhões de dólares em carbono serão gastos pela Fiat Chrysler

De acordo com o diretor financeiro Richard Palmer, a Fiat Chrysler Automóveis planeja gastar 2 milhões de dólares em despesas com carbono, entre multas e créditos. Os gastos serão efetuados em três anos, de 2019 a 2021, e foram divulgados durante a reunião de resultados do primeiro trimestre da companhia. O CEO da FCA, Mike […]

NHL compra créditos de carbono para compensar emissões

Para compensar suas emissões de carbono com viagens aéreas, a Liga Nacional de Hóquei (NHL) dos Estados Unidos, anunciou a compra de créditos de carbono para equalizar 465 toneladas métricas de poluição. A NHL anunciou a compra nesta segunda-feira, 22 de abril, que coincidiu com o Dia da Terra. A compensação é equivalente a tirar […]

(English) Brazil’s Climate Plan Focuses On Healthy Forests, With Role Of Markets Uncertain

Author: Steve Zwick. Original post by Ecosystem Market Place, 29 September 2015 Brazil has already slashed its greenhouse-gas emissions more than the entire European Union has, mostly by clamping down on deforestation. This week, it unveiled its new climate plan, which promises the country’s emissions will be 37 percent lower in 2025 than they were in 2005, […]